Settling and transitions into, within and from ABC Educare are a gradual, unique process of transferring and extending trust to another. It is about making new relationships and forming continuity amongst the people and places in the child’s worlds.


  • Children and their parents/family/whānau must attend regular transition visits before they start at the centre.
  • The duration of the settling process and amount of visits will vary for each house (developmental reasons) and for every unique child and family dependent on the level of security, comfort and confidence the child and or parent feels.
  • Children with diverse needs will transition very gradually and with direct support from their family, key teacher and Special Education community i.e. Special Education, ESW, Blennz, Deaf Advisor.
  • ABC Educare is guided by a ’Key Teacher System’ which is uniquely implemented for each age group; infants, toddlers and children.
  • Parents/family/whānau need to be available for contact if their child is inconsolable and requires picking up as the child’s emotional well-being is paramount.
  • Parents/family/whānau are encouraged to phone or message the centre to check on their child at any time.
  • Parents/family/whānau are encouraged to say goodbye or create a drop off ritual for their children. This promotes a sense of trust in their new environment and between the adults from home and the centre.
  • Parents/family/whānau are introduced to centre policies and procedures when they enrol and or during settling visits.
  • Management and key teachers will provide parents/family/whānau with information regarding the centre during the enrolment visits and settling process.



* Our 'Key Teacher System’ means that we allocate one (or two) teachers to each child and these teachers take personal responsibility for the child’s overall well-being within the group.

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